Day 2 – un jour non-Declanique

February 5, 2008

After another night with next to no sleep (making it four in a row now), on a slightly overcast morning, we four, we happy four, we band of mothers, set off up the Whistler Gondola for another day of green run-based silliness. With Dec now able to turn in both directions following his lesson [after 7 days of boarding, we’ve found out that he’s not actually a goofy after all, but has ambitiously been learning to ride switch before brushing up on his natural stance], we were full of expectation.

We headed down an innocuous-looking green run, about 20 metres down which Dec realised that he couldn’t yet turn on steeper hills. He set off back down the mountain in the gondola to sod around on the nursery slope before his lesson in the afternoon. With no Dec,the remaining three of us got some good runs under our belt. It was beautiful. Fairly empty pistes, ok weather, and great snow led to what was for me the best morning of boarding I’ve had yet. At one point, I felt that rather than being some bloke who could turn in both directions, then traverse for a bit, just fleetingly I felt like an actual snowboarder. Not a good one, but a boarder nonetheless.

We checked in on Dec a few times, caught him with an ok Attenborough-style piece-to-camera which I will upload as soon as I work out how*, and then gondolated down the mountain for a light lunch. Dec went off for his lesson, and Aggleton picked out an interesting-looking run for the afternoon. It was his worst idea yet. Apart from a few sections, the whole of the run was on flat, meandering traverses. It was horrible. Just dreadful. After having got down from the top of the whistler gondola to the middle station in about 15-20 minutes in the morning, it took us about 3 1/2 hours to get down from the top of Little Whistler to the same place. The only plus was that [purely out of necessity, as my thighs were on fire] I started riding a bit of switch. I even got a few turns in. We headed back down the mountain in the gondola from the middle station. and back to the hotel to meet Dec. There, I picked up some more shitty news just to keep my rolling foul mood really topped up, and went out for dinner.

Upon our return, I fell asleep in a chair in front of the tv—the first time I’ve fallen asleep trouble-free in five nights—and woke up to find that everyone else had gone to bed. Not one to break with tradition, though, as soon as I got into bed, I had a rotten night of sleep, which brings us all up to the present; me laying here in bed writing blog posts at 5am.

Who knows what else today holds? We’ve only got 5 eggs left, so I’m envisaging a fight for breakfast. Should be fun to watch, if nothing else. Hopefully, the four of us can enjoy the boarding together. As much as I enjoyed yesterday morning, I’m here primarily not to board, but to spend time with my three friends with whom I’ve undertaken this ridiculous transatlantic endeavour. Hopefully, today will see more of that.

*I’ve worked out how.



  1. I presume that there is a man with a large tranq gun out of shot just in case the Lesser-Spotted Irishman turns nasty.

  2. Actually, sounds like Dec is holding you back. Perhaps a trip behind the woodshed with a shotgun and put the poor fellow out of you misery.

  3. “we band of mothers”

    Would that be Whistler’s mothers? Chortle.

  4. I liked that so much I made you a present: http://www.whistlersmothers.com/

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