Days 3 & 4 – a brief synopsis

February 7, 2008

Day 3 was just about perfect, in all honesty.  Although critics may knock us for a certain lack of the exploratory spirit, we absolutely caned the shit out of one run in particular. While Dec warmed up on the Middle Station nursery slope, Bingo, Dave and I went to the top. The weather at the top of the Whistler Gondola was pretty rough; a very strong, cold wind, and so much snow that it was hard to see.  Once we got over that though, we found  a run with only a few people on it, and the most perfect powder for boarding on / over / through. We had a lazy run down it stopping every now and then to exchange our views. We seemed pretty unanimous in agreeing that this was the best boarding we’d done to date. Back down to the Middle Station to pick Dec up, we headed back to the top unanimous in that we’d do exactly the same run again.  We did, for most of the day. With a constant stream of pretty heavy snow, the run got better through the day. We ended up going all the way to the bottom of the mountain, where we found an Irish pub (on which I shall keep my views muted) and  got a few drinks in. All in all, a perfect day. It took more than one conversation with Bingo to wipe the smile off of my face, so that speaks volumes.

Day 4  started slowly, but ratcheted up pretty significantly. Again, it had been snowing all night.  After finding a crappy piste, we found ourselves mid-morning having done pretty much no boarding. We decided to try to run top-to-bottom of the Whistler gondola as many times as we could. We did it a bunch of times. Each time, the run was clear, the powder deep, the company great, and the boarding excellent. After Dec disappeared in the afternoon for a foot massage (he’d previously used the wonders of the interweb to diagnose the cause of his numb toe as a stroke), Bingo, Dave and I tried to get in as many top-to-bottom runs as we could, stopping as little as we could. After a couple of runs, only stopping twice, we went for one more go.  On reflection, maybe I shouldn’t have.  In between the jet lag and the aftershocks of my previous appalling mood, I haven’t slept very well for the last week. Before the final run, I was mentally exhausted. Thankfully, as a consequence of playing rugby as a prop, I’ve trained for most of my life for short bursts of extreme effort, followed by a bit of rest. This training renders the muscles which I possess almost entirely unsuitable for the sustained effort of snowboarding. My legs were pretty much shot, and I wasn’t having too good a time of things.  Either way, I reached Whistler Village exhausted but happy, and ready for a good rest. I got back to the chateau, and had a good nap for a couple of hours.

Since then, it’s been snowing really heavily at the village altitude. We’re going to try to get out as soon as possible today to enjoy the fresh powder, on hopefully fresher legs. Dave just offered me a quick beer before we hit the slopes. Although I didn’t reply, he’s reading this as I type. In response, I shall offer to hit Dave before he offers me another beer. Life’s OK.



  1. Yeah, a happy Grumble Monster.

  2. PS: you didn’t mention which one of you gave Dec the stroke or is that which one was stroking Dec?

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