Sunset on Snowboarding

February 13, 2008

Declan YVR Airport

Well, another holiday is at an end, and one that saw significantly improved boarding from all concerned. Dave quickly got to the level that he was scaring us with talks of blacks diamonds and chair-lifts, Pease was soon gliding down perfectly good mountains with a grace that could only be described as ‘surprising’ and Dec, even Dec, embraced the radicalism of heel edges and turning.

As for myself, there’s no doubting that I’m still a skier at heart. For all the 8 days fun I had boarding, I still think the best time I spent was a day skiing down Blackcomb (aided, admittedly, my utterly outstanding snow and coming halfway through the holiday). However, for the first time I started really enjoying myself on a board and can accept that there are definitely benefits to both modes of descent. I can’t see myself ever getting to Dave dark-side levels (he’s now fully ‘2-edges good, 4-edges bad’), but another year of boarding should get me to a state where I could pick up either a board or skis and expect to come out equally successfully.

And, let’s face it, at least it’s not fucking telemarking.


One comment

  1. Look, mate. If you’ve got anything against telemarkers, come out with it. I just can’t handle the lack of commitment one way or the other.

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